Tuesday, March 15, 2011

tekoa's gymnastics party.
the kids had a blast :)
most of the girls that came take gymnastics too, so they had fun showing us all the stuff they've been learning.

dave stopped in during his lunch break which was so fun for tekoa- and for me :)

after gymanstics we went to the barn for cake and ice cream and presents.

yes, i let my baby entertain herself by eating candy off the floor.....

and now that things have settled down this is how tekoa spends most of her day- always on her mat and always in a "beautiful dress"....

and here are some videos-
tekoa dancing and some of her learning to do a bridge into a walk-over. so cute :)

and the last one is wren. i asked her if she would sing the 'strawberry shortcake' song.
typical wren reaction to anything i ask her to do....

gotta love that blue leotard, right?

this morning wren started calling to me from her crib very early. i was tired and did not want to get up to get her (and there's always that slim chance she might go back to sleep, right?)
so i let her yell my name for quite some time before i went and got her.
and when i finally picked her up she looked at me and said, "i's yelling, 'MOM!'"

i know you were yelling 'mom', i just didn't want to come and get you yet.....

and the other morning she was up early enough to see dave before he left for work. he kissed her and told her good-bye and then went downstairs and out the door. she followed him down but he was gone by the time she got down there.
she was all alone and wanted her daddy, so she started to cry...."where daaaaaddy go???
he went awaaaaay!!"
don't know when she learned "went away" but it was sure cute. and heart wrenching. she needs more daddy time than she gets....

i was in the shower one morning last week and when i came out shaeya said, "wren woke up when you were in the shower. i got her out and changed her diaper."
i said, "seriously?? you changed her diaper?"
and she said, "yep."
i told her thanks and the day went on from there.
and then around lunchtime i changed wren again and discovered that the diaper was on totally backwards :)
don't know how she would've gotten it on her that way- probably had to roll wren onto her stomach to close the tabs.
so funny. it would've been hilarious to watch i'm sure....and to know what wren was thinking while shaeya was diapering her wrong :)

and speaking of diapers....i dug out the potty chair today.
just gearing myself up....

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  1. Sad because the video's won't play...but the party looks like fun and insanity all at the same time. It's great that all you have to do is call the family and you have an instant girl party!! (Well there are boys but they are definitely out numbered!! ) Those mats you bought are amazing....our Sammy could use those, especially this winter as it has drug on and on!! And Tekoa's black dress, every little girl dreams of a dress like that!! What a mom! Aunt Sue