Thursday, March 10, 2011

this is what happens to poor #4 when they are sick and don't want to be left alone....

here's a little of what we've been doing to fill our crazy days-

this is the day we sang at the nursing home. the kids were a hit!!
a few of the ladies wanted a promise that we would come back. "well, when do you think you could come back? soon? next week? next month?" :)
and some were just as enthralled with wren playing on the ipad as they were with the kids' singing....
and tekoa had fun. look at her, she LOVED it...

and the HORSE SHOW. afterwards shaeya said, "i can't think of a better way to say how exciting this day was!" she had the time of her life- and i loved watching it through her eyes.
if you ask her, she will give you a list of all the different breeds of horses she saw and what they did and what colors they were....
and if you ask wren about the horse show she will point to her head and say, "horse hit head."
yes, a horse kinda got her in the head with it's nose leaving a slimy, wet trail of horse snot and chunks of grain in her hair. at least it was memorable for her, right?

these are from tekoa's actual birthday. (only tyden gets very confused about birthdays and parties being on different days- i told him one thousand times on tuesday that it was tekoa's birthday and that she was 4 now, and just 5 minutes ago i heard him tell tekoa, "you're not 4 yet, tekoa, you're party is tomorrow...." :)

she got to wear a beautiful dress to school that day which seems to be her greatest joy apart from gymnastics.
and i told her that morning that since it was her birthday i would take her out to lunch after school.
anywhere she wanted to go.....
....and she said "church."
she wanted to eat lunch at church. i'm assuming that just meant she wanted doughnuts and milk.
i guess i don't blame her for "church" being her favorite place to eat lunch....

so tomorrow is tekoa's long awaited party. and the kids are very wound up tonight.
as we were cleaning the barn and setting up for the party shaeya said, "good thing you had all of us kids or else you would have to do all the chores by yourself."

yep. good thing.... :)


  1. it's the only reason we have them at all:) right???