Monday, November 1, 2010

i'm sure all of my 5 blog followers have been anxiously awaiting more exciting stories and drama from the kellenberger house.
sadly there just isn't much to write about.

i spent the week swamped with laundry and make-up homework from the trip. and the kids' school has a big fundraiser coming up so my free time has been spent wrapping fake gifts and setting up and decorating our christmas tree for that.
also i've been working on booking our 10th anniversary vacation.
which is only 11 long weeks away.....

and then we had a really busy weekend.
which has left us all feeling like this today....

i finally have some updated pictures of the house to post. i've been so busy that i didn't make it out there til saturday. and so much has changed. dave has been working really hard to get the roof on before winter, and it makes everything look much more put together.

here's the kitchen

front door/entry

master bedroom

master bathroom w/ closet behind

wren's room

great room

tyden's room

shaeya and tekoa's room

people keep asking how we are doing, and all i can say is that we are managing.
we are both tired of the separation. the kids miss their dad, and i miss feeling like dave and i are a team.

dave's working mostly in the dark now in the evenings and it's getting cold.
i cannot keep up with all the housework and i'm lonely. i have no social life, i'm just home with the kids day and night.

but it won't be forever, and it will be worth it.
we've got 4 months down and probably about 8 or 9 to go.

and if i can just make it through the holidays alone then our vacation will be right around the corner.....


  1. Zantac anti depressant or my good friend mari jane or my old friend jack daniels will help you make it through the next 8 months much easier.

  2. i would have guessed he would recommend a bavarian creme filled doughnut....which would be equally as helpful i'm sure.