Monday, November 15, 2010

it was crazy hair day today at gymnastics.
unfortunately i was the only mom who got this into it.

but i pick up my niece on mondays cause she goes to gymnastics too, and i gave her a quick crazy hair-do also so tekoa wouldn't be the only one. :)

let me just say that i think that crazy hair day is FUN. i think it's good for kids to learn to laugh at themselves and to be okay with making idiots of themselves in the name of FUN.
it makes you a much more interesting person to be around.....or read about, right?

i had a good laugh this weekend over a similar topic.
friday my kids were off school due to parent/teacher conferences. i got up early to give the house a quick cleaning and to put a little bit more time than normal into getting myself ready because we had a big day ahead of us.
starting with the conferences, then dave's 2 sisters were coming over for the day with their kids, i was babysitting my nephew for the evening and also having some friends over for dinner.
so i put on some nice jeans, a new shirt, and some boots and my day went on from there.

as i was making dinner that night, tyden came into the kitchen.
i was leaning against the counter talking to him when he suddenly looks me over and says, "mom, did you wear those jeans to my school today?!?"
with a look of utter embarrassment on his face.
and i started laughing. i'm still laughing.
here's the jeans-

"mom, they have holes all over them."
i laugh that this is when it starts. 3rd grade and your mom is an embarrassment to you.
i know, because i vividly remember being embarrassed of my mom and the clothes she wore to my school.
but the difference is that my jeans are cool, right?
i mean the stuff my mom wore was definitely worthy of embarrassment on my part, but not these jeans. :)

some of you may remember when i started this blog that the theme of most of my posts was tekoa and her daily disasters.
well, she has mostly outgrown all that. mostly. but baby wren is starting to take her place. to a much lesser degree, but still with just enough chaos/danger/messiness to keep me on my toes all day.

her latest being a climb onto the tank of the toilet to be able to lean over the sink just far enough to turn on the hot water and burn her hand a bit.
never saw that one coming. i should know better than to ignore her to try to cook dinner, shouldn't i?

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