Monday, November 22, 2010

what a weekend. where shall we begin?

the fun started on wednesday with a trip to the mall to gear myself up for all that was to come.
i have not invested much time or $ in to my wardrobe in the last 10 years because i am one of those people who gains 500 pounds when i'm pregnant. so i've been on this up and down weight gain/loss cycle for a looooong time.
i've been every size on the racks over and over.

but now that we're pretty sure we're done with pregnancy, and i'm getting close to being where i think i normally am, i decided it was time. that and the fact that i had a big weekend to prepare for.

so i took my 2 little ones to the mall with the intention of doing some major spending. i walked into the first store and started pulling clothes off the racks.
i had a pretty good pile in my arms when i heard a huge crash followed by wails of pain. i looked up to see my baby still in her stroller but face down on the tile floor- somehow tekoa had pushed the whole thing over forward.
i quickly dropped all the clothes to run and help, but by the time i got there tekoa was already pulling on the stroller and wren was dangling by her buckle.
once i got the stroller upright and wren out of it both girls were sobbing and clinging to me. i sat there on the floor with them for quite sometime with clothes strewn everywhere and all the store employees trying not to look at us.
needless to say i didn't get very far that day in my quest for a new wardrobe.

then came thursday which was a day to remember. an all day long 30th birthday event for my friend abby. it was a surprise orchestrated by her husband that included a limo, shopping, pedicures, dinner, and a long lost friend from england. :)
so fun. a wonderful and much needed break for me.
and shopping advice from the experts :) thanks girls!

friday started with a thanksgiving feast at the kids' school. okay the actual start to my day was my wake up call from wren at 6:30. she was in her crib screaming, "LET GO!!!" over and over. i got up to see what was going on and discovered that she had both her chubby little thighs wedged in between the bars of the crib and was yelling at her crib to let go. :)

so thanksgiving at school, a little more shopping, and then my monthly girl's night out with my cousins.
let me just say that it's not easy to arrange for sitters for 2 days in a row. but THANKS to everyone who helped (there were 5 total.) it was so wonderful and i appreciated the break so much.

then came saturday. all i wanted to do was sleep but i dragged myself out of bed, got the kids up and ready and we headed to the new house.
and it was a really fun day. the kids were SO GOOD. the 3 older ones actually played together and wren took a 3 1/2 hour nap in the van.
the weather was perfect especially since we had a fire going all day, and we got so much done. i gave the house a good cleaning and helped put on tyvek and then we set 3 windows. windows!!!!!!

this is the house on tuesday-

this is saturday.
see those windows??

and see that plank in between those ladders? i had to sit on that plank holding the huge roll of tyvek while dave pulled the ladder and plank away from the house so i could roll the tyvek behind it. scary (SO much higher than it looks, okay?) but fun.

see the window on the left? so exciting- that is wren's room :)

well, i think that pretty much catches things up. looking forward to thanksgiving with dave's family on thursday- my family is in florida without us :(- and friday is an extra day to work on the house :)
let's get this thing done already!!!

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  1. it was so good to see you!!! I totally get the up with weight but well don't think I will ever be the size you are now!!!
    the house is looking GREAT!!!
    miss you all already!
    from your commenter and long lost friend in England! ;)