Monday, October 25, 2010

the kids and i just got back from a little vacation to the beach.
it was wonderful.
fun, peaceful, rejuvenating.
and a much needed break from the hectic routine and my long, lonely evenings.

the kids had a blast with their cousins. here's the whole crew. :)

cute bunch of kids, huh? they are each so special and i love being with them. i love their excitement, their stories, their kisses, and their hilarious comments on everything.

the beach was beautiful, the weather was perfect, the kids were good, and i loved being with my sisters and mom and sister's mother-in-law.
but i missed my husband. a lot.

and i have to mention that my baby wren became a "kid" on that trip.
she was learning new words everyday and wanting to do and say everything the big kids did.
she learned phrases like "i want up, please" "i want to jump (into the pool like the others)" "i want some" and "mine." and she nods her head yes for things constantly. so cute.

the highlights of the trip:

*brad paisley concert on the beach

*kayaking on the ocean

*dolphins jumping all over

*my walks on the beach at night during my phone calls home to dave

*mexican train dominoes


the only lowlight:

*our trip home.
the 14 hour drive turned into a 27 hour ordeal that included me, my sister-in-law julie, my 4 kids and her baby, road construction, an overturned semi, and a forest fire.

lets just say that julie and i had LOTS of bonding time.

thank you, jesus, for vans with dvd players, pacifiers, coffee, and best westerns.

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