Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the dreaded day has finally come.
i've known it was coming.
i just wasn't prepared for how angry and sad i would be.

i have seen it happen to others and have always thought it was so funny when it was them. i have even greatly enjoyed retelling other people's stories about it.


my daughter chopped her own hair off. i'm sure you cannot guess which daughter.....
her beautiful, long, silky, blonde hair.

my plan tonight was to trim shaeya's hair.
i bathed tekoa first and then put her in a pull up for bedtime. it was while i was helping shaeya wash her hair that tekoa got out the scissors and cut her own.

i walked in on her doing it and let out a yell that could have probably been heard for miles.
i don't think i have ever been so angry at a child.

i had to give her an ugly short haircut. i hate it.
and i will be real honest here and say that it wasn't the gentlest haircut i've ever given.......

and while i was cutting tekoa's hair wren did this to herself-

then while i was finally trimming shaeya's hair tekoa did this-

and then this-

i probably don't need to say that it has not been a good night here.
lots of crying and not only from the kids....
and tekoa has been wailing, "i want my mooooommy" through it all.
like i'm not right here fixing her hair and scrubbing off her marker and cleaning up her cereal.

it's nights like these that i'm wondering where their father is and WHY are we building a house again???

oh, and also....remember those 2 cute kittens?
well, we have 2 kittens and 2 cases of extreme diarrhea.
ready to throw in the towel- anyone want them?
and a short haired little girl to go along???


  1. Oh Michelle....what a night! I feel for you! I love reading your blog. You will love having these moments in your life documented to look back on. Yes....you will laugh some day when you look back at these precious times in your life. We still tease Haley about leaving the water run (waiting for it to get warm)in the upstairs bathroom...then forgetting about it, and organizing her bedroom. When the water came pouring through the tiffany light in the kitchen on the main level and all of the light bulbs were bursting and water was dripping onto the table.....we finally discovered it. Doug gave all three girls a lesson on why we don't leave water runnning and leave the room, and then a longgg explanation of how the water comes into the house and is piped everywhere. That is when Jessie (grade school age) asked in amazement .."you mean we have to PAY for water?" We tease her about that too. ;) We didn't laugh that night..but we do now! :)

  2. I know this is NOT funny at all. But Brett and I were CRACKING UP!! You definitely have your hands full!!!!! Praying for better days ahead. Hang in there.

  3. sorry, no returns on the kittens...but i will take that short haired marker girl...she's still cute, however i am painting today...she could help me...i'm sure it will be FUN!

  4. HEY!!!! I said i'd take the girl and NOT the kittens!
    ewww their mom brought in a rabbit...maybe that will make their tummies all better? gross.