Saturday, November 27, 2010

"mom, i lied to you. please do not get mad at me. shaeya."
she definitely knows how to work the system, doesn't she??

here's one of tekoa's finer moments. this is especially for you, grandma :)
she is such a beautiful little princess, isn't she??

thought you'd all appreciate me posting that picture. and by some miracle none of it ended up on her sleeve or my shirt...

so......i've been avoiding the subject of our cat.....i've been a bit too embarrassed to admit that we have lost yet another.
everything was going FINE until we left for gulf shores.
she was living in the garage with the door open a little so she could get in and out, and dave was coming home every night so i thought she'd be fine.
well....we left and then so did she. we haven't seen her since.
and IT IS ALL MY FAULT. just so everybody's clear on that.
i cannot convince my kids that cats are made to live outside.

but yesterday we picked up kitty #3 and #4.
we are giving it one more try. with 2.
(my aunt convinced me that if anyone needed a replacement kitty it was us.)
we made them a room in the basement and these guys will probably stay down there until we move.
and so far everything's going great. i've hardly seen my kids since we brought them home.

it's been a good thanksgiving weekend.
and it's been made even better by the fact that dave has had a few guys helping him out this weekend so there is a lot getting done on the house.
yesterday the shingles were delivered and they spent the day shingling and setting more windows. can't wait to get out there and see!

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  1. think I just puked in my mouth!!!
    can't wait to see the house too!
    good luck with #3 and #4!