Wednesday, September 29, 2010

building walls.

i got to help the other night. my wonderful soon to be neighbor jody offered to feed us dinner monday night and then watch all the kids for a couple of hours so i could work with dave.
i basically just handed the guys studs while they put the walls together and ran and got whatever tools they needed. it was so much fun to watch it all coming together and to finally start to see the rooms we spent so much time designing.

then as it started to get dark dave had me take his sawzall around and cut the 2x4 plates out of the doorways.
it went a lot faster once i realized that the blade was in upside down.
remember it was getting dark....

shaeya sure loves that kitty. they are inseparable.

while i'm thinking of shaeya....i forgot to mention a pretty funny story from our camping trip.

i took the 3 girls to the bathroom at the campground to shower them before bed.
and as shaeya was trying to get dressed, tekoa opened the door to the shower stall. shaeya yelled at tekoa to shut the door because she was still changing, and i told her not to yell. i said it was okay because it was a girl's bathroom, and there were only girls in there.

then shaeya looked at me and said, "so you're telling me that it's okay for girls see other girls' WIENERS!!?!??"

i'm doing the best i can, all right?? obviously i still have some work to do.

here are some pictures from "camera day" at gymnastics. so cute.

if you look close on this one, you can see koa's perfect landing after her dismount :)

and now for wren's newly discovered talent....

and one last video of tekoa. she learned ty and shaeya's bible verse with them. :)
ephesians 2:1&2

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