Thursday, September 16, 2010

looking a bit better....

i don't think wren is ever going to get hair. not that i need anymore hair to will just be nice when people quit calling her a he.

she's always crossing her fingers. i think it's really cute.

i forgot to start taking my pictures of the house last night until it was almost too dark. i think you can kinda see, but i had to take them pretty close up. i will do better next time.

this is the front door.

this is the great room and the dining room (they are open to each other)

master bedroom

stairs to the basement

today was picture day for tekoa. i hope the photographer had better luck than i did this morning. it is impossible to get that girl to hold still for a picture and to not make goofy faces....these were the best of about 30.

she'd much rather pose like this....

and now, here is a recap of my day- since there's no one else to tell. i know the details get very boring so feel free to skim (or skip.)

got everyone ready for school and sent them down for breakfast.
when i came down a few short minutes later i was greeted with "we had a milk EXPLOSION!!"

after getting all 3 of the kids off to school i picked up some coffee for breakfast and then picked up my sister so she could get her oil changed.
we came back to my place with the 2 babies and had our first real conversation in months. it was nice. then i packed lunch, my guitar and poster boards, and some school work i've been working on for ty and shaeya's teacher.
i dropped my sister off, picked up tekoa and headed to the school where i helped monitor the lunch hour (i've noticed before that the other lunch monitors were better at keeping the noise level down, i think it just takes me longer to notice it for some reason.)
then we had music.
and i only had to stop music about 7 times to take care of issues with koa and wren. better than last week.
wren has discovered the joy of standing up on the desks. it gets her lots of attention.

after music the kids had recess and i battled with the copy machine to copy spelling pages out of the books. i was fighting the copy machine and chasing after wren...pulling markers out of her hands and pulling her off desks, and stuffing kleenexes back into the boxes from which she was pulling them out.

i finished up then loaded up all my stuff and got my kids out after a few slight disruptions to the afternoon lessons, only to have the wind blow all of the papers out of my hands.

got home, put the girls to bed, and went for a nice, long jog. got about 3 miles in before ty and shaeya came home.

we started right in on homework and re-packing lunches and then tekoa woke up soaked in pee.
i bathed her and washed her bedding while continuously running back and forth to the kitchen table everytime the 2 older kids yelled for help on their homework.
once i finished, i sent the kids to the living room to get in some reading time for their reading charts and i did dishes, started the dishwasher, and then started dinner.
only took about 15 minutes to realize i was melting something in the dishwasher and the house filled up with that lovely burnt plastic smell.
so we had dinner outside.

which was going smoothly until tekoa dumped her water all over shaeya's food....
more clean up after dinner, more dishes. a bit more homework.
time to lay out clothes for shaeya and ty's picture day tomorrow.

bedtime routine. during which wren got into the toilet and then climbed into the shower and got into the soap.
lots of tears from tekoa who has changed her mind about that big bed and begs every night for her little one back. she throws the pillows off right away and has resumed the head banging.

ty and shaeya wouldn't settle down and they kept fighting over the kitten so i had to take her away. more tears.
and then finally sleep.

and now i am wasting my free time on this blog and this long boring post so i will sign off. but i feel better for sharing....

tomorrow starts another day.
and i might be crazy, but i let my family talk me into taking the kids camping in indiana this weekend.
me and my sister will be sharing a camper with our 7 children.
i will be sure to let you know how that goes...

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  1. The reason wren is crossing her fingers is because YOUR driving and she thinks she may need a little bit of luck:) Not that moms in minivans are the least bit distracted...heheheheheee.
    See you in's gonna be fun! unless it rains...then it will be just the 9 of you stuck in a trailer for hours....THAT'S WHAT I CALL A VACATION:):):)