Wednesday, September 8, 2010

big news.
after our weekend at the lake- during which tekoa slept in a bunk bed and used a pillow for the first time- tekoa decided she was done with her toddler bed.
she had been sleeping in that bed for about a year and a half, and that mattress has gone with us on every vacation- because of the whole head banging thing.

but praise Jesus, we are moving on. she gave me the okay, so i hauled a mattress up from the basement (where most of our stuff is being stored) and set up a bed for her. with pillows and all.

i have only seen her bang her head 1 time in the last 6 days. it used to be every time she went to sleep.
good to know she won't be made fun of at slumber parties, and that maybe she can share a room with shaeya someday after all.
(shaeya has always said she "will never share a room with koa cause she bangs her head and it's very annoying.")

here are some pictures of the house from saturday.
thanks to all the guys who came out to help put on that beautiful sub floor. very exciting.

i was a little jealous of tekoa that day when she got to take a nap in the woods.
you do what you gotta do, right?

and here is my very pathetic group of pictures from our weekend at the lake....

one of wren falling asleep on my sister's dog,

and some of shaeya after a fall on her face.

which now looks more like this...

she was so worried on tuesday that the kids at school were going to laugh at how she looked. i tried to tell her that black-eyes were cool and that it made her look tough, but she wasn't really buying it.

when she got home, she said, "nobody laughed, but why does everyone have to ask me what happened to my eye??"

she had her first homework assignment last night. i was trying to help her plus do a million other things, and i gave her the wrong instructions for one part.
when i realized that it was wrong, i told her, and she said, "all right, but you need to write a note to my teacher on this page that says, 'this is all my fault' from michelle."

still makes me laugh a little......
and so does the memory of the diaper leakage all over my dad's lap at his office today. that still makes me laugh too.

and now, here is the house as of last night.

yesterday was tyden's 9th birthday, so i burnt- i mean baked- a cake and took it out to the house so we could celebrate and then continue on with putting up those walls.

and now life continues on.....remember the girl who wanted the schedule? i don't know what she was thinking.
birthday treats and parties, music at school, volunteering at the school, preschool, doing girls' hair- feels like i'm constantly doing hair, dropping kids off and picking them up on time, teething, leaky diapers, fevers and allergies, running all around to find uniforms and gym shoes and birthday presents, waking kids from naps to pick up the older ones from school, homework, housework, taking kids to the lot, bringing them home at night very dirty and tired, lots of baths and laundry, trying to get them to bed at a decent time, trying to make decisions for the house.....

everywhere i look there are things that need to be done and demands on my time-
and i feel like everything gets a half-way job. it's driving me crazy.

i'm sure i'll adjust- it just takes time, right?

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  1. you know that saying, take one day at a time? well right now you just gotta take one MINUTE at a time till you get through this part....i won't tell you how long this "part" lasts...but just do the minute thing.