Wednesday, September 22, 2010

so camping.....
actually was a lot of fun. i had a great time with my kids and with a whole lot of my cousins.

the beach was beautiful and despite some off and on rain we played sand volleyball and had campfires.

i would love to go back with dave sometime.....actually dave would say doesn't really like to camp, but i'm convinced that he just hasn't done it enough.
sometimes it takes quite a few times of trying something out before you can really even know if you like it or not......right??
right, dave???
(i think he has heard this same speech from me a time or 2 before in the 10 years of our marriage....i think.)

the rest of these pictures have been stolen from my picture taking aunt rachel.
thanks rach :)

if you look in the middle of this last one, you will see my graceful son. see him?? he gets his gracefulness from me.

as for the house- seems like ages since i've been out to see it, and from what dave tells me there's a lot that has changed. i'm hoping to get out there soon.

but tonight is the beginning of the teamkid program at my church that i do the music for.
and i'm on my own this year with getting all of us fed and dressed and there- and then i have to figure out what i'm doing with tekoa and wren during it all.
should be interesting.
and especially interesting tonight with me having this annoying, lingering soar throat and cough that has left me a voice that no one will want to hear.

then friday and saturday my sister and i are having our girl cousins out to the lake for an overnight stay. with no kids.
it's kind of an annual thing and it will be a lot of fun.

here's a picture of shaeya on picture day. tyden was already in the car and we were running late so i don't have one of him.

and lastly-
....sometimes little girls wear the same dresses because we think it's cute when they match.
and sometimes they wear the same dresses cause they both pee in their clothes at target. :)

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