Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 Things I'm Thankful For Today

#1. that Jesus rose again. the girls and i had a good reminder of that this morning when shaeya unearthed an easter basket that had been hidden on easter and then apparently forgotten about.

#2. my swiffer wet jet. when your son grabs his lunch out of the fridge right before it's time to leave for school and brings an entire container of salsa out with it you become very thankful for things like swiffers, rolls of paper towel, spare sets of tennis shoes, and patience. i was also thankful that i was wearing shorts and flip flops because i was also splattered up to my knees in salsa. tyden, me, the fridge, the floor, the cabinets......

#3. sunny and 69. i feel like i can handle anything- 4am and 7am feedings, salsa, puke, snot, battles over clothes, fighting over toys, arguing over newly discovered easter candy, and shrieking (all before 9 am)- when i know we can get outside today and sit in the sunshine.

thank you, Jesus, for salvation, for my children, and for sunny days.......

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