Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm Sorry, Wren....

i just want to say that i don't think mothers should be held responsible for our parenting skills (or lack thereof) between the hours of 12am - 5am.
sometimes we just aren't thinking -or seeing- very clearly. sometimes we are trying to parent while still being half asleep.

take last night, for example.
i must have slept through quite a bit of wren's crying, because i woke up to dave asking me if i wanted him to go get the baby for me.
i must have agreed to that because i remember feeding her. and then i remember waking up and seeing that she had finished eating and was back to sleep. i remember getting out of bed and picking her up to take her back to her crib.........and then i remember slamming into the wall. hard.
while carrying my precious sleeping baby.

i'm sorry, wren. i love you and i would never in my right mind slam you into a wall.
some day- when you have a baby of your own- you will understand, and we will laugh together about last night.
but until then, maybe daddy should be the one to go get you when you cry and carry you back to your bed......

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