Friday, April 23, 2010

Herman Family Vacation

my family won't be shocked when i say that i don't usually get all excited over herman family vacations.

to me, family vacation means family time. time for all of us overworked and overscheduled people to spend together just relaxing and enjoying one another's company. time for the kids to get to hang out with their dads and make memories together.

to my family, vacation means fishing. 24/7. and when they are not fishing they are talking about fishing. or watching fishing shows on tv.
don't get me wrong, i do enjoy a day of fishing every now and then. like, when it's sunny and 70, and i'm in a boat with a fountain soda and some good company.
but now that we have so many kids- and babies- it's just not very fun anymore. especially at the crack of dawn or late at night when it's dark and cold.

so what happens now is that only the guys fish. and us women stay back with the kids and do all the cooking and cleaning.
.....just not my idea of vacation.

so when my brothers said branson, 2 houses on a lake, i was not jumping up and down...
but i have to say i've been very pleasantly surprised.
the houses are joined and they are beautiful. the lodge has swimming pools, a big playground, miniature golf, and a sand volleyball court- with amazing views- and i am having a fabulous time.
and the guys- i don't know what has gotten into them....maybe all my "suggestions" have finally gotten through- have only taken one fishing trip so far.

here are some pictures from our first 2 days- there's a lot of them, i know, but it's actually a trip i would like to remember....

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