Thursday, April 15, 2010

How Do You Keep A Baby From Shrieking?

the kids are a mess today. and i'm tired.

we've been on overload with everything that's been going on with the house. but, fortunately the worst is over. we pulled off pouring a patio, having a garage sale, and an open house all in one weekend- and we could've never done it without all the HELP. thank you so very much to everyone who came and helped.

now we're just left with odds and ends and cranky kids.

so, how do you keep a 10 month old from shrieking???
any one have any ideas? i cannot handle the ear splitting shrieks she lets out when she's tired, hungry, or bored. nothing seems to work.
well, okay, the problem is that she gets what she wants when she screams. and she gets attention. but she's a baby- i have to give her what she wants/needs. i don't know. what i do know is that she's not a joy take in public anymore. restaurants, stores, church.....can i just stay home?

....way too cute to cause problems, right??

and speaking of staying home......with the warm weather comes the desire to throw the schedule out the window.
no more school, homework, music classes, fund raisers, etc. i just want to be outside hanging out with my kids. except when they're cranky or fighting or shrieking or arguing with me.....then i just want to be outside all alone. :)

like i said- i'm tired. and i have a list a mile long of things i need to accomplish today.
and it's 11:00am, i've been busy all morning with 3 cranky girls, and i haven't crossed a single thing off that list yet.

i'm ready to forget it all and head outside- i just might.....

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