Thursday, May 28, 2009

-1 And Still Counting

so, it's -1 now, huh.....i wondered what happens to the countdown on the day after.
i can't wait to see how far negative we can get.

for the most part i'm doing okay- i don't feel like the baby is overly big, and that's a blessing.
the hardest part is dealing with my sciatic nerve pain- it overshadows all the other pregnancy symptoms. sometimes i feel like i'm going to lose my mind, and i can't even imagine going through labor and having this pain on top of it.

i have constant contractions- day and night- and it keeps me feeling like i'm never going to know when i'm really in labor, and like it's just never going to happen.

my biggest concerns right now (besides intense sciatic nerve pain AND labor at the same time)

-how much weight i'm going to gain in the next few days

-more stretch marks

-having this baby on or just really close to shaeya's birthday- which is monday

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