Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun Times With Pregnancy

okay, only 9 days to go and i'm kind of in a panic. we thought we had a name picked out for this kid, but i just decided that i don't like it anymore. so we're racking our brains to come up with something else, and we've got nothing. i'm open to suggestions......

i'm at that lovely place in pregnancy where i think of the next 9 days and sometimes i am so excited and feel like the end is just right around the corner- and sometimes i wonder how i'm ever gonna live like this for 9 MORE DAYS. my sciatic nerve is causing all kids of problems and i'm hobbling around like a cripple all day. nighttime is the worst, though, and last night i was dreaming of just chopping my whole leg off. and the nausea is back- it's a battle to make it through the evenings without puking. sometimes i make it- sometimes i don't.

[slight break in typing as koa has just come up to me completely naked, and carrying a pair of zip up pajamas that she's wanting to wear. i guess i have to haul myself out of this chair and try to find her clothes.]

i keep telling myself to just try to enjoy the last little bit of pregnancy. i try to get myself to feel sad that after this it's all over- forever- but i just can't. i'm not going to miss much of anything about pregnancy. i think it's awful. love the end result, but not the 10 months it takes to get there.

i've been reminiscing on all my time spent being pregnant. all the crazy highs and lows. and a few beautiful moments stand out above the rest-

#1 would be the time i was canoening with my friend amanda. i was 9 months pregnant with tyden. i just wanted to move to the next seat in the boat, so i stood up. amanda looks up and says, "careful, michelle, you're really big." the last words spoken before i flipped the canoe and sent us both into the lake- fully dressed, of course.

#2 pregnant with shaeya. we were at a wedding at my church. i was just outgrowing my clothes, so i was wearing a long skirt that was a little too big. tyden tells me that he needs to go potty, so i stood up to take him. i took one step, tripped on my skirt and it fell right off. everyone in all the benches beside and behind us got a nice long glimpse of my bright "superman blue" underwear.

#3 shaeya again. i was getting pretty big, and i was at my brother's house sitting at his computer desk. tyden climbed up on my lap and then climbed onto the desk. i told him he needed to get down, so he stood up and said, "catch me, mom." he jumped. right over me. i tried to catch him as he sailed over my head, but his momentum took me and the chair with him. i hate how everyone panics when a pregnant girl goes flying and ends up on the floor in a chair with her legs straight up.

#4 very pregnant with tekoa this time. i was carrying shaeya down the stairs at home. my foot slipped off the edge of the step, and i fell flat on my back on the stairs- and partly on shaeya as well. i slowly sat up and looked down to see shaeya still lying on the stairs with big tears welling up in her eyes- and she said, "mom, you have to be more careful with me on the stairs."

#5 this last pregnancy has been pretty uneventful so far, but i did have one really good fall. this winter i was buckling tekoa's carseat into my mom's van- i clicked it in and then gave the seat belt a really good yank to tighten it up. somehow it came unlatched and sent me flying backwards- i landed on the icy driveway and partly on one of my dad's big rubber snow boots.
that one left me limping and really sore for a few days.

so many fun times, and despite all those really great memories, i think i'm going to weep with joy when it's finally all over. for good. 9 more days :)

just so you know, dave was in the process of mowing when i took these. wouldn't want anyone thinking we just leave our lawn looking like that.

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  1. VERY funny post dear. Mostly b/c I'm still laughing at #1...and hearing Arod tell that story. hang in there- and don't freak out- it's your 4th, you're not allowed. Who am I kidding. I was freaked too. Can't wait to hear!