Friday, May 8, 2009

Duck Tales

so let me introduce you to the newest members of our family.



and tinkerbell

i must be crazy- but i thought this was something fun i could do for the kids during these last few weeks before the baby comes. it really has been fun, and it's the perfect way for them to have pets that are not a huge commitment. i keep telling myself that as soon as it gets overwhelming, i can always just let them go on mom and dad's lake (that's where they're going to end up anyway) and (if they make it) the kids can still see them and feed them all summer.
so all that said, my kids are completely in love with these 3 little ducks. we got them on wednesday, and they haven't stepped too far from their box since then. shaeya says over and over, "i just can't stop looking at these ducks, mom." and tekoa says over and over, "i waaanna see da chickens." so needless to say, all the talk in our house these days is about ducks (or chickens). the kids can't wait til they get a little bigger and they can play with them outside.

and our other news- i had my sonogram yesterday. my mom came with me and we brought all the kids so they could see the baby. it was exciting- not as exciting as ducks, mind you, but they did like watching her - yep, she's still a her :). she was moving like crazy, and sucking on her hand (so cute!) she looked so beautiful and her cheeks looked really filled out. looks like she's around 6 lbs 13 oz. shaeya was 6 lbs 3 oz when she was born, and tekoa was 7 lbs 8 oz. so this one will be more like tekoa. dave and i are both getting so anxious for her to be born, and all of OUR talk these days is of how fun it will be to have a baby in the house again.
-one of the VERY MANY things that i love about my husband is that he is SO great with babies- he loves having a newborn as much as i do. part of the joy of it all for me is just watching him with his baby. i can't wait.

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  1. Love the pictures Michelle, I always love seeing what the kids are up to. VERY CUTE!