Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Few Highlights

that was how we spent the morning on mother's day :) i loved every minute.

no regrets yet on the ducks, but they are messy little things.

the highlights of the last few days:

-mother's day (of course). we had a really nice morning together, and then dinner with dave's family.

-finding out that chad and julie are contributing to the family madness :) they made her a special shirt with #10 on the belly (10th grandkid) to wear to our family night and none of us geniuses noticed.

-friday morning was really foggy, and tyden and i were sitting on the front porch waiting for his bus to come when shaeya woke up and came out to join us. she stepped outside and looked around, then rubbed her eyes and said, "man, my eyes just aren't working too good this morning. oh, wait. i think it's just blurry outside." i loved that.

-girl power- me and the girls decided we could assemble our new wagon ourselves. luckily the wheel fell off right before we started on our walk.

-and the last highlight was when i let the kids cover my belly with stickers. they thought it was hilarious. i did too, until i tried to take them off. they each took a layer of skin with them - leaving me with lots of red welts all over my huge stomach. it was a beautiful sight. thankfully they've faded, so i wont scare the doctor when i'm in labor.

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