Monday, May 4, 2009

A Random Update :)

first of all, the bad day really was just one bad day. nothing like the end of a pregnancy to freak you out about your kid's behavior. and thankfully, i checked in koa's mouth the other day and she's got 2 molars coming in. that explains a lot of what has been going on with her. when she's in pain (or tired, hungry, bored...)she gets really out of control. i mean wild. she gets into things constantly and will not listen to me.
i've been trying to keep reminding myself that she's in pain. not that that excuses any bad behavior, but at least i know the cause of it.
and speaking of koa- her big news is that she no longer sleeps in a crib. daddy "fixed" her crib, so now it's a "big girl bed".

i was dreading this transition- picturing her wandering through the house at night and getting into things. but she's done really great with it so far. after testing it out to make sure she could still bang her head in it, she was pefectly fine with sleeping in it all night. i love the mornings (and after naps) when she wakes up and comes walking out. she shuts her door behind her and then announces to everyone that "koa's awake!!"

well other than that, here's some of what we've been doing lately.

lots of animals. they've been loving it.
poor tyden- i usually just don't mention all we've done while he was at school.

so, anyway, this is a pretty exciting week for me.
my cousin kristin is having her baby tomorrow. we've been pregnant together all this time, and now she's leaving me to finish alone :)
okay, not entirely alone. my good friend bethany is also having a baby, and she's finding out if hers is a boy or girl this week. i'm so anxious and excited for both of them.

wednesday is the last night of "team kids"- the kids program at my church that i've been leading music for. let me tell you, it is getting really hard to "wear" my guitar these days. i have to stand there and try to put it on the side of my belly to actually play it. i'm sure i look hilarious.

thursday is my sonogram to find out how big the baby is. (feels big enough to me)
dave says he's still holding onto a bit of hope that maybe the first sono was wrong, and there really is a boy in there :) he's crazy about his girls, but i think 3 is just a bit intimidating....i understand completely, but by this point my heart is set on another girl.

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