Monday, June 1, 2009


Wren Alea
7 pounds, 9 ounces 19&1/2 inches

so after all that whining and complaining on thursday, i ended up going into labor that night :)

and i kept it under 12 hours. started at 10:00pm on thursday, and she was born at
9:39am on friday morning. met my goal by 21 minutes :)

i let dave sleep a couple of hours before i told him i was in labor, then around 1:30 we called dave's sister maria. she had offered to come stay with our kids when the baby came- thanks again, maria!
and we called my mom who came to be with me. i felt like things were moving pretty quickly and by 3:30 the contractions were pretty intense and about 3-4 minutes apart so we headed to the hospital. where they told me i was a 3. and i was very discouraged but not suprised.

about 6 hours and 3 doses of morphine later i was a 6.
my midwife had headed back to the office to get a few things done, so it was a nurse who checked me to tell me i was a 6. right after she did that, i felt some really intense, terrible pain and kind of felt like i needed to push. and the nurse told me that no, it wasn't time for that yet. but by the next contraction i was pushing and the nurse checked me again- even though i very kindly and politely asked her not to- and i was a 10. so then the nurse tells me that my midwife is still at the office so i can't push yet. just breathe through the contractions.
sure, lady, no problem.
i didn't care at all about my midwife at that point.
about 2 minutes later i told her the baby was coming- she kept telling i couldn't have the baby yet (dave says she said all this very nicely, but that's not the way i remember it at all) but then she finally took me seriously when she looked under the sheet and saw the baby's head.
they called in a doctor and he was getting ready to deliver the baby when my midwife breezed in just in time to catch her. she said she made it to the hospital in 4 minutes.

so that's that. it's over, and i am so thrilled to be done with pregnancy and labor, and to be holding baby wren.

we are so in love. she is so good and so beautiful. i think she looks a lot like shaeya.

we got home yesterday afternoon. i thoroughly enjoyed my 2 peaceful days in the hospital with dave and the baby, but i missed my kids a lot. it's good to be home.



  1. Congratulations! Sounds like you had a "great" labor experience! We had a similar story with Jackson, he was born 9:19 pm on Wednesday. I was taking forever to dialate, then all of a sudden we went from 6 cm to baby being here in under 2 hours. Why does it have to take SO LONG to get to a 6???!

    Congratulaions again. She is a beautiful addition to your family!

  2. she is so adorable! right when i saw her pics, i thought she looked like shaeya. cant wait to meet her!

  3. Congratulations Michelle and Dave, She is BEAUTIFUL! Hope she likes the ponies. Aunt Judy

  4. So Very Cute!! Love the pictures and I'm glad all went well!!