Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Life Is Good!

i've been slacking on the blog, i know. it's nice to know that a few people do actually read this :)
last week the kids and i were busy being outside all day- from morning til dark. ty had 2 days off school, and i had the best time just sitting in the sunshine and watching them play together. i can't tell you how much better i feel after some sun therapy.

a few of those days i actually got myself to go for walks around the nieghborhood........it's funny to hear the neighbors' comments when they see there's another baby on the way. "so, another one, huh?" ....yep.
we have one other family with young children on our street, and they have 2 kids. i watch their 6 yr old on tuesdays, and when he found out we were having another baby he said, "how many kids are you going to have??!!" this same child is constantly asking me how the baby is going to get out. i've tried to tell him that well, he should just ask his mom, because, you know, she had him. to which he answers, "well, you had ty, shaeya, and tekoa, so i'm asking YOU." what do you say? i usually just use the distraction method with my kids- when God says it's time, then we go to the hospital, and the baby is born, and look there's a bird right out that window!! it works great for my kids but apparently not for all kids.

anyway, things have been going great here- apart from one random puke in the van for tekoa (she now calls herself the pukey girl.......okay i may have started that one......"mom, here's the pukey girl! she's right here! she puked in the van!")

and one incident with hand soap- i got her dressed, did her hair, and just took a minute to put myself together during which she pumped out half the hand soap in the bathroom and rubbed it all over her face and hair and the counter and mirror.
but otherwise, life is good!!

-it's almost april, which means it's almost may (baby!)
-we've traded socks and shoes for flip flops (that's 8 socks per day i don't have to wash!)
-i'm not pasty white anymore
-spring break is coming up- i get to sleep in! (okay, maybe)
-only 9 more weeks til i can have a bowl of popcorn and drink a big diet pepsi without puking
-i had a wonderful and rejuvenating "girl's night out" last night that involved lots of good food and a hot tub and (strangely) a cat giving birth. :)

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