Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bring Back The Sun, Please...

so much for happiness and sunshine- will it ever stop raining and warm up again??
we're getting a little stir crazy here.
sunday was the kids' easter program at church- you know the one where we all go buy cute little easter dresses for our girls to wear. how fun to wake up that day to a winter wonderland. i decided the girls were wearing their dresses anyway. sandals and all.

speaking of the girls, things are still going pretty well with them. actually with shaeya. she has been playing better with tekoa, and crying a little less about having to have her hair done and about wearing jeans to school (she wants to wear sweat pants everyday, and thinks i'm just so cruel that i don't let her) she's had some really sweet and affectionate moments too.
i know i seem kinda negative towards her, but i really do love the kid. i love her vivid imagination (except that i get a hundred "what if" questions a day....what if i just floated out of my carseat...) i love how good of a friend she is to ty. i love how passionate she is about the things she loves.
the #1 love of her life is horses. she sleeps with this giant black horse EVERY night.

it's hilarious.

she tells everyone stories about her horse -black beauty- constantly. we hear when she's sick, when she's being mean or wild, or when it's her birthday...

shaeya is convinced we need to get a real horse- we can just give it to her for her birthday, and she'll still act suprised. she says she'll build the barn herself.
yesterday we were driving and we passed a green jeep (shaeya has always loved green- everything has to be green) and i said "i bet you'll have a green jeep like that someday, shaeya" and she said, "mom, don't you know i'm not gonna need a car? i'm just gonna ride my horse." she's very serious about the whole thing.

anyway, we had a fun day at her school last week- i helped out with "trike day", where the kids ride their bikes to different booths. the girls had a great time.

i took shaeya through, and then ran a booth while tekoa ran wild. they SAID they really needed help....

well, the sun IS shining right now, so i'm gonna go see about getting these girls outside :)

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  1. Love all the pictures! Your girls are BEAUTIFUL! and seriously that is little Michelle sleeping with her black beauty!
    Miss you!