Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fun With The Flu

okay, let me start with the beginning of the week- it's been a crazy one. sunday was my mom's 50 birthday suprise party that my sisters and i had planned. it was a lot of fun and we totally pulled off the suprise, but afterwards i was pretty worn out- it was a lot of planning, baking, decorating, and lying to my mom before hand, and a lot of cleaning, dishes, laughing about it all afterwards.

we had a trip to fun city (an indoor water park in iowa) planned for monday-wednesday with my mom and all the grandkids (this was all she really wanted). so monday morning i was woken up (really early) by 3 very excited kids- "it's fun city day!!!!".
i asked them who got koa out of her crib- and ty and shaeya both said "not me". i looked at koa and she said "i climbed out". it was pretty funny.

we left that day after school with my mom- dave decided he'd rather just stay home and work- hard to imagine, i know.
anyway the kids had a blast that day swimming,

and were all really tired by bedtime (at least i was). but tekoa would not sleep, she just kept whining as she banged her head so i finally got up around 11 or so to get her and bring her in bed with me, and she was really hot.
wonderful suprise.
she was so delirious that night. at one point i woke up to her staring at me with her face about 2 inches from mine. i opened my eyes and she said "mommy, do you like the hot pool?"
yes, tekoa now go back to sleep.

that brings us to tuesday- tekoa had a fever all day, but still wanted to swim, so she walked around shivering and in a daze, and then would come to me and say "i need a hug" and then i would carry her for awhile (not easy to do being this huge and pregnant) while i watched the other 2 swim.
so my arms and back were killing me by the end of the day.

that night we all wanted to have dinner somewhere nice (by all i mean nate, brook, jared, amy, chad, justin, katie, mom and i and all the kids) and this is where things really got fun for me.

we walked all over the resort trying to find the best place to eat, and i was carrying tekoa and dragging shaeya (who had rubbed all the skin off her toes from walking around in the water all day, and just couldn't hardly walk).
all the while ty is looking pale and telling me he doesn't want to eat he just wants to go to bed- and sure enough he felt warm now too.

we finally sat down at a sushi place and ty laid his head on the table and never picked it back up. we ordered, and then koa said she had to go potty.
so i picked my tired self back up and took her to the bathroom (which of course was not in the restaraunt, but down the hall aways.)
we got back, and just as the food came she said she had to go again. i told her that she just went, and she needed to wait. she just kept saying it, and i kept telling her just to wait, and of course, next thing i know she's going- right there, in the high chair.

i picked her up and ran to the bathroom, but it was too late. she had diarrea and it ended up all over everything. so i spent the next 20 minutes or so scrubbing her, and the floor, the toilet, the sink and her underwear.
then i put her poopy pants back on her (disgusting, but what else do you do?) wrapped her underwear in a paper towel, and went back to the restaraunt.
i finished my cold food (trying really hard not to think about poop) and then headed back to our room with ty and koa.

of course it was a pretty long walk to get back and ty kept saying he was just so tired. i'm carring koa again in her poopy pants and holding her underwear.
we finally get to our room, and put the key in the door and it wouldn't open. i tried over and over.

ty started to cry and laid down on the floor- i really wanted to just join him there- crying on the floor- but eventually i had to pull him up and drag him and koa all the way back downstairs to the lobby to get a new key made.
still carrying tekoa in her poopy pants and the underwear.
my arms and back still killing me.

the whole way back to the room ty kept saying "i just hope it works, mom, i really hope this one works."
well it did.
and i finally got the poor kid to bed, and then bathed tekoa and put her to bed too.

i climbed in bed also and rested for awhile, but somehow my brothers and sisters convinced me to get up and go bowling later that night after all the kids were asleep- which ended up being pretty fun.
and i'm sure i looked hilarious being all big and pregnant and bowling.

so then wednesday.... koa was better, but tyden just laid by the pool most of the day. i felt so bad for him, but i had to watch koa and shaeya (who was having a blast with her cousins, and strangely not complaining at all about her feet) and i couldn't leave him in the room by himself.

then around noon or so we packed up and headed home. i felt like i had been gone for years, and was really glad to see dave again.
more "fun with the flu" yet to come.....

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  1. WELCOME TO THE BLOG WORLD!!! Can't I add you to my blog roll?
    Miss you love you!
    Really you can say it GNO just wasn't as fun without me! HAHA!