Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wal-Mart Disaster

i think i left off on sunday, with me feeling a bit better.
that night, tyden told us that he was feeling sick again and needed to lie down for awhile. he curled up on the couch after dinner and fell asleep, so i knew he really was feeling sick.

i was pretty bummed, but at least i knew he had monday off from school for the pulaski guy's birthday.

so that night we put the kids to bed, and i was once again woken up by tekoa crying. i went to check on her, and she was burning up. here we go again.

monday morning i had to get shaeya off to school, even with tyden, tekoa, and i all not feeling great- and we desperately needed some food in the house.
we were down to pretty much nothing, since i had been sick since wednesday night.

tekoa was pretty out of it, and still had a fever, but i thought she could make it for a quick trip out, and i was really thinking that it was probably just an ear infection anyway.

so somehow i managed to load up all the kids -i was still pretty weak and groggy- and we got shaeya to school.
then we pulled up to wal-mart.
tyden said "do we really have to do this?" and i told him if he wanted to eat today, then yes, we had to.

we got out of the car and made our way into the store- i felt really bad for them cause it was freezing outside- but we hurried inside and i grabbed a cart and stuck tekoa in it.

i was just starting to buckle her in when she started puking.
all over.
all over me, herself, the cart, and the floor. i just stood there looking at her, wanting to cry.

there was no one around (thankfully) so picked her up and carried her to the first unfortunate wal-mart employee that i saw and told him i was really, really sorry but my daughter had just puked over at the carts.

then i turned around and walked out of the store with tyden following behind saying "but what about our food???"
i told him that we couldn't get food today, we just had to go home.
it was a fun ride home with 2 of us covered in puke, but we made it, and i got us all cleaned up (and the van, too) and then we sat on the couch and watched elmo's world til it was time to go get shaeya.

in case you are all worried, over the next few days, we did eventually all get better, and we did eventually get some groceries.
i really, really hope that was the last sickness for us for the season.

only one good thing came of it all......i lost 3 pounds (you can TOTALLY tell when you look at me- i look way less huge than i did before :)

it's so encouraging to have some warm weather, it's encouraging that it's march, and it's encouraging that i now have 7 months down and only 2 & 1/2 more to go.... i'm getting very anxious to meet this baby.

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