Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More Fun With The Flu

well, i guess i left off with wednesday....backing things up a bit, i have been leading the children's music for my church on wednesday nights. and this particular wednesday night was our performance for the adults in the church.
i was a little nervous but mostly just really, really tired. i couldn't figure out why i was so exhausted, and i had a hard time dragging myself to church. (dave had to miss it in order to stay home with our 2 sick children).

well, the performance went just fine- the kids all did a great job, and i think everyone else enjoyed it.
but by the time i got home, i was ready to crash. and i did. only to wake up a few hours later feeling really, really awful.

of course, another blessing of pregnancy is that any little sickness that the kids get i always get too, only much worse somehow.
so thursday, friday, and saturday i spent mostly lying on the couch with a fever while the children ran wild.
you can only imagine what the house looked like with 3 kids having free reign- luckily i was too out of it to really notice.
so, thursday, i couldn't hold any food down (the kids never puked, so why was i puking??) it's a whole different level of sickness when you have a 2 1/2 lb. baby inside pumeling your stomach, and then children on the outside wanting to be right in your face, and laying on you, and following you as you run to the bathroom to throw up.

and then saturday was pretty rough.
dave had to work all day.....i mean like early morning until late at night.
so i was alone, with the kids, feeling the worst yet.
poor tekoa learned to just go to one of the other kids when she needed something.

i vaguely remember her asking shaeya to take her to the bathroom, and asking tyden to get her some milk....poor kid. and a couple of times shaeya came up to me and said, "i'm just ready for my daddy to come home".
i was too.
i almost called him a couple of times, but i knew he had a lot going on, and i had told him we'd be okay.

my mom thinks i'm too much like her, and i don't realize when it's just time to ask for help. when she found out how sick i was she let me know that yep, that would have been a really good time to ask her to come help me out.
so she came on sunday -dave had to work at the NHS booth at the home show for the day, so it would have been another long day alone.
she bathed the kids (i wont say how long it had been since they'd been washed) and changed them out of their pjs (once again, i won't mention how many days they were in those same pajamas) and took them to church, and then back to her house until dave could come and get them.

i spent an entire day alone in my house. i don't think i've ever been alone in my house before....ever. it was really strange and really quiet, and at first i thought i might not know what to do with myself. i was actually feeling a little bit better. but after she left i laid down on the couch and didn't wake up again for a few hours- it was wonderful!!!!

the day flew by, and before i knew it dave and the kids were back. and i was really glad to see them. especially now that i was a little more with it. things were starting to look up (or so i thought...)

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  1. Just tell me- are you still sick? My kids had it last week-so if you are, I'm coming tomorrow to pick them up! -and I'm so serious. hopefully you're not too dilerious to read this either. haha(i know, not funny).