Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Tekoa!!

i can't believe that my baby is 2!! i would be such a wreck if i didn't know there was another one coming. it's truly amazing how fast those first years go, yet i feel like she's been around forever. i can hardly remember what my life was like before tekoa, but i do know that it was a lot calmer. she keeps me on my toes, that's for sure...... i'm smiling to myself right now just thinking of the other day (this was so not funny at the time, but i can smile about it now). i had just sat down on the couch with a book i've been trying to finish, when tekoa came up to me daintily sipping from a princess tea cup. "i got water, mommy, it's good!" i reminded her that she's not allowed to get water by herself, and then asked shaeya to go into the bathroom to make sure tekoa had shut the water all the way off. shaeya headed in there, and then yelled back "uh, mom.....i don't think that water came from the sink." sure enough, the sink was dry- but the toilet had water all over. so gross. she got a good scrubbing, but it still took me awhile to be able to kiss her again :)

and, i just want to mention that since i started this post, she has climbed on me and back down about 10 times, unrolled almost an entire roll of toilet paper, brought me a few things from the garbage, and has not quit talking about shaeya, her new toys, and a penguin who's crying somewhere. when i ask her to go find some toys to play with she says, "no, koa's busy." yes, you are tekoa.

anyway, we had a birthday party for her on tuesday night and she had a great time. when she first woke up from her nap and saw all the decorations she said, "aw, that's so cute!

i really wish i would have videod us singing happy birthday to her- it was so great. she was dancing and hopping- she could not hold still for a second because she was so excited to blow out the candles.

i wish i had half her joy and excitement and ENERGY.

she opened her presents -with the help of all her cousins and siblings, and then worked hard to keep them all to herself ...."that's koa's! give it to koa!!" (she still has to fight for them, shaeya has tried to claim a few).

of course we had cake and ice cream, then let the kids play with some little animal sponges in water. tekoa was the only one who came away completely soaked.

she had a really good time, and is still singing happy birthday to herself :)

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