Saturday, April 30, 2011

starting in on some changes.....
wren is taking her nap in a "big girl" bed today. her first time out of the crib.
she kept saying, "i don't like this bed" as i was tucking her in, but then she fell right to sleep....we will see how tonight goes.

i moved tyden and shaeya's beds into the toy room, and tekoa's bed into ty and shaeya's old room.
i am going to try to transition neiko out of our bedroom and into the crib in wren's room after wren gets used to the new bed.

i called catholic services today about starting in on the home study process,
and tomorrow we have our first appointment with the adoption lawyer.
here we go....

neiko LOVES catchable bubbles :)
they leave a nice, sticky residue everywhere they land, but some things are just worth it, right?

wren's zhu zhu pet nightmare....
"hang on, honey, mommy will get it out.... just have to take a quick picture first, ok?"

house pictures!
i spent the day on saturday cleaning this garage out. wren and neiko played in a sandbox that i set up in the house, and the rest of the kids played outside with the neighbors. went pretty smoothly- apart from neiko's hair being coated with bright purple sand.
(i really don't reccommend the colored sand for anyone who might be tempted to try it....)
and i was able to find places for naps for tekoa, wren, and neiko :)

water lines. looks really complicated.


wren was "working" too :)

the girls LOVE the secret hideout their daddy made for them in their room.

It does wonders for me to finally be able to see the progress.
thanks, dave, for all your hard work during a really loooooong, cold winter. you are amazing.

my new normal-

and just so you know.....
i am aware of the fact that my "hands are full" and that i am a "busy mother."
i really don't need to be reminded of that on a daily basis.
feel free to tell me that my kids are cute or funny or sweet- or that they are a PRECIOUS GIFT from my Heavenly Father.
but don't tell me that i "have my work cut out for me" or that i'm "lucky i haven't lost my mind yet."

yes, some days are HARD.
but i am doing what God has called me to do, and i'm trying really hard to let go of some of the things in my life that won't matter for eternity.
i am praying that He will continue to chastise me, refine me, use me, teach me. that He will continue to push me out of my comfort zone for His glory.

"and He said to all, 'if anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. for whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it.'"
luke 9:23 & 24

please pray for our meeting with the lawyer at 10am tomorrow!!!!!!


  1. i love the last picture and your statements at the end of this post. children are too often seen as a hindrance or nuisance rather than a blessing and gift from the Lord. in the challenges and exhaustion of parenting God wants to refine us and teach us self-denial and total reliance on Him. you are so inspiring! (and your kids are adorable!)

  2. michelle, love what your post! praying for your fam and will be praying tomorrow morning!!!! it will be great! "Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusts in Thee." Isaiah 26:3 love ya friend!!!

  3. I was over the top, head over heels, in love with my precious gifts from matter if they were melting down or snuggling yes I agree they are an amazing, wonderful gift...even the most challenging days, still end with their cute tooshies laying in bed and your heart just melts. So you are blessed and you do have wonderful, precocious, loving fun kids and some days your overwhelmed but what a journey of joy and purpose to have the honor of raising your gifts from God for His glory! Praying for you meetings with the lawyers and your everyday walk!

  4. AMEN!!!! Oh and love the stay there so I can take a pic!!!

  5. I can't second that enough! I get sick of hearing "You've got your hands full" every time I am out running errands with four kids. Apparently four is the new ten! I never think quick enough to let them know that each of these is wanted, and they are a blessing...even when I have forgotten a change of clothes for my stinky baby and the other three are all over the public bathroom...I still would change the numbers :) Love your blog and how you keep it real!

  6. Beautiful thoughts, post, and children. Congrats on your newest son. I'm blown away by how God brings things about in HIS timing. And I'm encouraged to keep releasing more of me, so He can use me.