Tuesday, April 19, 2011

before i finish out the adoption story i have something else to share-

we had our house inspection on monday. dave was really nervous. he told me ahead of time that NO houses ever pass on the first try. the inspector always finds something that needs to be changed.
so we were both shocked when our house PASSED. on the first try. the inspector said it was the best he's seen yet.
praise God!! just another reminder that He is in control :)

i wanted to briefly hit on nikau's first day and night with me-
i think i left off with my mom and i heading back to the airport on friday.

we had spent a good amount on tickets that enabled us to fly to new orleans and back in the same day. so we didn't pack anything.
of COURSE one of our flights got cancelled. we had been up since 3:30 that morning, had been through a VERY emotional day, and had a new baby with us. we were EXHAUSTED and just really wanting to get back, but we ended up having to stay over in memphis.

poor nikau didn't have many clothes with him, just a few shorts and t-shirts. it was freezing outside and he had no pants, jacket, socks....nothing.
it was really late, and we had to wait outside for an HOUR in the cold for a shuttle to take us to the hotel.

once we finally got there we discovered they had no food (we hadn't had much to eat all day and i was starving) and no cribs.
and i was feeling pretty discouraged that i had to leave my other kids overnight, and for a most of the next day since our flight wasn't rescheduled to leave until 2:40pm on saturday.

after a night of no sleep due to a lack of curtains, a bright light outside my window, and people outside talking loudly and fighting loudly all hours, i was even more ready to get home.

we convinced someone at the front desk to get us a shuttle to walmart so we could get nikau some warmer clothes, and then we checked out of the hotel and headed back to the airport. we got there about 1pm and found our gate only to discover our flight had been delayed. and it continued to get pushed back farther and farther.
i was SO AFRAID they were going to cancel again, and we kept trying to think of different ways to get back to branson, but there was nothing we could do but keep waiting. most of our problem was that we had left my sister's van at the airport in springfield and we had the keys with us.
but, finally around 6:30pm after many complaints from all of the people who were waiting and had been waiting since the day before like us, a supervisor finally came and rounded up a new pilot to fly us back.

we made it back to branson by 8:30 that night. i got to introduce nikau to his new brother and sisters, then we went to bed and got up at 4 the next morning to drive the 6 hours back home.

nikau finally got to meet his new daddy, and LOTS of new family members and friends :)

since then we are settling in. i am trying to learn nikau's routine and likes/dislikes. he is a very sweet boy who LOVES to be held. he is serious about food and sleep.
he loves to watch the other kids and he is getting more and more attached to dave.

God is continuing to mold us and make us fit for this task. it is all HIM and HIS WORK.
we are really looking forward to celebrating His resurrection with both of our families this weekend.

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  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnd you're back to diapers:)