Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the meeting with our lawyer went pretty well.
i am feeling a bit overwhelmed by all that needs to happen in order for us to adopt, but at least WE HAVE HIM.
and i feel that that is what God wanted.
it would be really scary and hard to wake up every morning knowing that my son was in the care of someone who neither loved nor wanted him. (his birthmother's ex-roommate)
who knows what could've happened during that time....
thank you, Jesus for being all-knowing and all-powerful.

we will start with another trip to new orleans. this time dave goes with me, and we meet with a lawyer to petition for full guardianship. and at this time neiko's birth mother will be giving up more of her rights to him.
then we come home and go through a home study and take the classes to get our foster license.
we send out a public notice to neiko's birth father, and if there is no response, we claim abandonment and have his rights terminated.
and THEN i think we will be free to adopt.

it's amazing how one mom handing over her child to another can be so complicated. and expensive.
but we are willing to do what it takes and we are trusting that God will be faithful through it all.

please pray for neiko in the next few days.
he is cranky and not eating or sleeping very well. i think maybe he has an ear infection, and he also has a rash on his face and neck.
funny how none of this would worry me if it was my own child, but since i don't know much of his history i worry just a little.

it took until today to get neiko added on to our insurance, and when i called my pediatrician's office to make him an appointment they told me their computers are down. and i can't make an appointment until friday.
hopefully everything will work itself out....

i think i'm going to try to put him in the crib in wren's room tonight.
he has been sleeping in a pack n play in our room all this time, and he's becoming very aware of the fact that mom and dad are sleeping right by him.
i keep waking up at night and seeing his big brown eyes peering at me over the side of the pack n play :)
and he is a very early riser. very early.
so early, in fact, that my kids actually get to school on time more often now than before neiko lived with us :)

hopefully wren is settled enough in her new bed to not feel like she was kicked out, hopefully they can share a room without too many issues, and hopefully neiko and i will get a little more sleep than what we have been getting....

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