Saturday, January 8, 2011

well ya HAD to know that these were gonna end up here, right girls??

last night my sister threw me a 30th birthday party. it was SO MUCH FUN.
i am so thankful for each of these amazing women. they are all SO beautiful inside and out and they are a whole lot of fun.
i love you all!!!!

and to top it all off, they each brought me a little something to wear on our vacation.
i am so thankful for the "stuff," girls-
let me just say that 10 years and 4 kids later it was much needed.

thanks again, ladies, it was a blast!!!

now it's back to motherhood for me.
shaeya and tekoa were fighting this morning, so i pulled shaeya aside to have a talk with her. i told her all the many reasons why it is important to be nice to her sister.
then i told her how she would be very thankful for her sister's friendship in the future, like i am with my little sister.

i said, "just like how MY little sister threw me a really fun birthday party last night- tekoa could be doing that for you someday, shaeya."
to which shaeya said, "yea, well, i'm gonna be too busy for girl's nights with all my horses to take care of....."
so there. :)

enjoying my last saturday with the kiddos before we leave.

how am i going to leave them?!?!?!?

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    Have a GREAT TIME on your TRIP!!
    love your hair and don't miss your kids! you will be back in no time! :)