Saturday, January 22, 2011

i know, i know. it has taken me way too long to get to this post :) i've been swarmed with kids and laundry and gamenights and football parties.


seriously, we had the time of our lives.
the resort was so BEAUTIFUL and the food was amazing!!!

we spent our days playing beach volleyball and lying in the sun.
we went kayaking on the ocean and we made lots of friends.
everyone thought we were on our honeymoon, and it was so funny to see their reactions when we told them our honeymoon was 10yrs and 4 kids ago :)

checking in. we got there and ate and then slept for 12 hours straight. heaven.

ahhh the sweetness of doing nothing.

cece...excellent volleyball player and fellow believer.

and the FIRE app on the ipad :) it even crackles.
the fire went with us to every dinner and while we laid by the pool at night. our waiters and fellow diners thought it was hilarious and one of them even touched it to see if it was hot.

our private dinner on the beach....unforgettable!!

las vegas night. fermin always had us laughing- especially on the volleyball court.

kenneth and evelyn. they called us the modern day cleavers. i think it was a compliment??

my karaoke buddy. we sang a duet together- a song i didn't know which made it all the more fun and entertaining i'm sure.

on karaoke night- i was not the one who inspired the napkins in the ears- just so you know.

these ladies were SO FUNNY!! and the one to my left was an amazing singer!!!

and last but not least.....the volleyballers. spent lots of quality time with these guys but we couldn't converse cause they don't speak english. they even kept their own score of the games in russian :) a beautiful sight, aren't they??

mexican night :) how do you say, "this hat is too heavy" in spanish???

LOVED the balcony

sad to leave...

missing the kids didn't really set in until our last day. then we could not wait to get home to see them.
we got in late wednesday night and they were all asleep, so we had to wait til the next morning. at about 6:30am i heard ty and shaeya talking in bed so i got up and climbed in bed with them and heard ALL about EVERYTHING they did.
i asked them if they missed me, and shaeya said, "yea, one night we laid in bed and talked about you for a really long time until we both had tears in our eyes...."
so sweet.

and then wren....i was so anxious to see her. as soon as i heard her rustling around in her crib i crept into her room and peeked my head around the corner. she looked at me, and i said, "wren, mommy's home!!!!"
to which she said, "NURSE."

i almost caved. i just wanted to hold my baby, but she proceeded to throw the world's biggest tantrum because i wouldn't nurse her.

and just so you know, it is still going on. everyday she climbs in my lap and says "nurt. nurt please."
and when i tell her that only babies nurse and that she's a big girl now she says, "no, a baby. a baby. nurt."
i am staying strong and trying to just enjoy my new freedom. :)

we decided that 10 years is too long to wait until our next get away. it was absolutely amazing and fun and rejuvenating. and it was great to remember that we are really fun people when you pull us away from all of our work and responsibility :)


now it's back to the normal chaos.
and i'm leading the worship at the women's retreat for my church this weekend, and dave wants to be hanging drywall by the end of february.....

****this is my disclaimer for my grandma and my mom and a few others in regards to the pink dress and the necklace-
i was on my 2nd honeymoon. it only comes twice in a lifetime....****

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  1. looks like you had a blast! I want to hear all the details sometime!