Friday, January 28, 2011

i have been spending every spare moment practicing worship songs for the women's retreat and i just want to say that the power of worship is incredible. i feel God's presence each time i start to sing and i feel Him pulling me in and teaching me and chastising me. it is beautiful....why did i ever stop? how did i let myself quit doing what God has called me to do?

if only there were more hours in a day with nothing to fill them with but worship!!!!
someday there will be, right? when the kids are more independent and when i have a husband around again?
or at least there is heaven!! when i get there i think i want to spend the first few years just resting at Jesus' feet. resting and soaking in His presence and enjoying my freedom from the world- and then i have about a million and a half questions for Him and after i get to ask those i want to WORSHIP. forever and ever.

my fingers are so sore and my voice is tired but still i practice because i don't have all the chord progressions down or all the words memorized.
and while i practice my kids are either fighting or emptying drawers and cabinets or asking for help with homework or standing beside me yelling "MOM!!" over and over....
but it has been good for us.

if you think of it say a prayer for the retreat tomorrow.

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