Tuesday, January 11, 2011

tuesday night.....which means 3 days til MEXICO.
and this is not the time to be blogging.

i have koa climbing around on my lap and wren beside me getting into drawers and trying to take her diaper off. ty is listening to music full blast in the kitchen, and shaeya is writing something and constantly asking me how to spell words.

shaeya is really into the whole note writing thing.
she never directly gives me the notes she writes, she just leaves them where she thinks i will find them.
and they always make me laugh.

i have all the pre-vacation thoughts running through my head at a million miles an hour. thoughts like:
"clean out the van before you go so no one sees the kind of filth you drive in everyday"
"give warning of wren's passion for climbing into the bathroom sink and turning on the water"
"find passports, sunscreen, and that cute little black dress i bought 4 years ago and only wore once"

we've had our fair share of bloopers in the last few weeks that i've been too busy to write about:

koa falling in the toilet

ty brushing his teeth with soap (which may have been my fault- long story)

koa going to school with pink permanent marker all over her face and especially in her eyebrows

koa repeatedly telling me that she had to go potty while we were in a store. i kept telling her to 'hold it' until she finally yelled out, "OHHHH.....you're gonna be SO MAD at me when i pee my pants!!!"

and one of me getting completely stuck in a corset type top in a fitting room.
let me just say that if there really are surveillance cameras in those rooms like they say there are, then that clip of me will definitely end up on youtube somewhere. especially the part where i am pulling and twisting and flailing and jumping and then someone comes by to ask how i'm doing and i very calmly answer "great! thanks!"
i was very close to having to ask for help. praise the Lord that i didn't.

oh and the one where i attempt to go sailing through one of those revolving metal pole thingys that are in menards only to find (very abruptly find- i have a bruise to prove it-) that it doesn't turn in the direction i was coming from.

let's not forget realizing my licence is expired

and the 2 cases of credit card fraud on both of our 2 credit cards- nothing like having to freeze your credit cards right before leaving the country

and wren spilling her food and drinks. wren spilling everyone else's food and drinks. wren falling off tables and pianos and chairs......

and speaking of wren-
i'm only slightly embarrassed to admit that i am still nursing her- or "nurt" as she calls it.
and this is the last week of that since i'm leaving, and i am sad.
if i'm not nursing than that means i don't have a baby.....
but i figure this is the best way for us both to be done. and it's time. i suppose.
hopefully she still loves me when i get back....


  1. Let me give you some advice, coming from a mom who has left her adorable kids EVERY CHANCE SHE'S GOTTEN (& feels no guilt at all). Keep a spiral notebook handy and everytime you have one of those "i can't forget this" thoughts, just write it down...you'll feel a whole lot better about leaving.
    Oh and your ccards will be useless in MX unless you tell the company you'll be there. First charge in a foreign country and they'll freeze your acct again.
    Happy travels...bring me back a TAN!!!

  2. I love Shaeya's notes! They remind me of another girl's note's...just about her age :)

    Have a great trip! Relax and have fun together!