Saturday, February 5, 2011

it's this time of year that i'm SO THANKFUL to be living next to an indoor gym. we've been having a lot of fun out there.

it's amazing how long 3 (okay 4) girls can be entertained by half a wagon and a box :)

tyden looks like he's really getting all that his dad is trying to teach him about basketball, doesn't he?
he's more of a soccer kid....
and you can have really fun games of soccer in the barn too- if only we had a few more players, right dave??

note that the snow is over their heads.
it took dave 3 hours on a tractor to dig us out.

real snow cones!

wren got to eat hers in the shower.
she was in the shower because while i was making the snow cones she got into the toilet.
wet, soggy toilet paper in her hands and on the floor and rug. i'm not sure whether the toilet paper was used or not. i think it was- but i'm just telling myself that i don't know.....

remember that snow pile that was over their heads?
that was nothing!

and remember when i mentioned that dave dug us out with the tractor?
well, i'm thankful and all, but unfortunately the stomach flu hit at the same time as the snow storm.....which was truly unfortunate- especially cause we had just had it at christmas time.
so although we are freed from the snow, we have not been free to go anywhere.
except for a half a day of school yesterday- by that time the flu had gone through tyden and shaeya and had moved on to me.

fortunately my husband was snowed in from work so he was home to hold things together while i was sick. and i was VERY SICK. nothing i ever want to live through again. ever.

i don't know how the kids bounced back so quickly, but after a night of throwing up every 45 minutes i was down for 2 days.
through a sick haze i have vague memories of dave feeding the kids and dave cleaning up after them and dave putting them to bed.
i think i remember hearing him say once, "WREN!! WHY are you getting into the toilet???"
and then another time, "WREN!! did you poop again? WHY??"

have i mentioned that he's a great guy? he does such a good job with them. too bad i was too sick to enjoy the break.

thankfully i'm feeling much better today. i finally had the energy to catch up on laundry and then wash everyone's sheets and then clean all the bathrooms with bleach.
and dave is back at the house. today he is setting our fireplace.
so ready to get winter over with and anxious for the time when i can help dave again. should just be about 1 more month for both, right?

i tacked on a few pictures from camera day at gymnastics on monday.
sadly, tekoa may only have one more month left of her true payments on the house have officially begun. so with rent payments and loan payments and such there will not be much leftover for things like gymnastics or my monday morning coffees.....

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