Tuesday, July 20, 2010

dave has been spending his evenings working in this lovely weather to frame up the footings for the house.
looks great, doesn't it? can you envision it all yet? because i'm already decorating in my mind....just kidding.....but all that dirt does look very nice doesn't it?
i'm told we had dinner in wren's room on saturday night.

the kids and i are adjusting to having dave gone from morning til night. he gets home around 9:30, so he doesn't get to see the kids before bed. but he makes up for it by coming home for lunch some days and hanging out with them for awhile then.
today i grilled burgers and we had a nice picnic lunch under some trees in the backyard. it was wonderful.

we definitely never did things like this 1st thing in the morning at our old house-

nothing like feeding a flock of geese in your pajamas right before breakfast.
even wren wanted in on the action....or maybe she just really wanted to try the bread.

our recent visit with the new kitten.

the one we're keeping is the one that shaeya's holding. she's a lighter gray than the rest.

every morning tyden asks shaeya how many more days we have until we get the kitten.
today when he asked, shaeya said "6 more days!"
and tyden said, "man, shaeya you are so smart." :)

and while i'm on the subject of shaeya- she was very sick on sunday and monday. i guess she had good reason to be worried about those germs of tekoa's. but she was much sicker than koa and completely out of it. she pretty much slept for 48 hours straight.
and yesterday was one of the longest days of my life.

of course it didn't help that wren has 2 molars coming through. and that i had stayed up way too late the night before.

wren wanted to be held and nursed constantly, and wouldn't sleep.
shaeya wanted me to sit by her on the couch and rub her arms.
tekoa kept wanting me to pretend that she was a baby- to hold her and pretend to feed and burp her.
tyden was so bored.

i got very tired of hearing "up! up! up! up! up!" from wren.
and "feed me i'm a baby!!!!" from tekoa.
"mom, just rub my arms" from a half asleep shaeya,
and "what can i do??" from tyden.

all i wanted to do was just climb back in bed...

but today has been much better- apart from wren's recent fall down the stairs and the lump the size of a golfball on her forhead.

shaeya's finally feeling better and is back to entertaining tyden again. the points of wren's molars have come through, and no more baby business from tekoa.

and right now shaeya is, in fact, feeling so much better that she is singing.
a new song i haven't ever heard before.
it goes like this-

"bucket, bucket, fucket.
bucket, bucket, fucket."

....do you say something, or do you not???
probably best to not at this point. she will learn soon enough, right? :)


  1. So funny. I'm laughing so hard right now at Shaeya's song!


  2. those are some awfully cute kittys:)