Friday, July 9, 2010

i love that 1st picture....we got a new load of sand for our beach and we left it in a big pile for the kids to climb on and drive their dumptrucks up and down.
and wren has so much fun on it. she feels so grown up- especially when i put tekoa's underwear on her while she climbs.
diapers, sand, and water are just a bad combination....

my little troublemaker....she got into some markers and colored her head green last night.

so never mind about that whole digging thing.

the guys that pour the foundation can't come until thursday, so we will dig on tuesday and pour the foundation on thursday.
i kinda wanted to take some "before" pictures anyway, so i'm gonna try to swing by there today on our way out to hanna city and take some.

we're going swimming today at my aunt's lake and we are going to check out some kittens while we're out that way. the kids are more than ready to replace starla, and so am i.

and i will not put anymore kittens outside. ever.

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