Friday, July 23, 2010

happy 10th anniversary to my wonderful husband!!!
i have been so incredibly blessed by you. you are all i could ever want and need, and you show me a reflection of God's love for me everyday.
the way you lead your family is and always will be the hugest blessing in our children's lives, and i love you so very much for that.

and this is exactly where i would put a picture of us on our wedding day. right here in this spot.
if only they weren't boxed up and buried under an enormous pile of other boxes. and if our scanner was all hooked up and working. and if i had more than 45 minutes before we leave for our much anticipated night out!

happy 10th!!


  1. hmmmm, i so want to say something right now but i just can't.....

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. dave says... if only i was good with words like that. the only thing i can say is behind every good man is an incredible woman. i love you too