Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Little Girls

aren't little girls funny?

they just's so funny to watch them as they grow and develop such strong passions for things. i mean boys are know, anything big, fast, or loud- or anything that resembles a weapon- but it's not quite the same as it is with girls.

for example, tekoa is passionate about bugs. she gets so very excited when she finds one and then she quickly loves it to death.

a couple weeks ago she caught a "celepede." when she showed it to me i said, "oh, tekoa, put it down! that kind will bite you!!"
she looked him over as he crawled up her arm and then looked back at me and said, "that's okay, mommy, it's okay."
i said, "it will hurt, honey, he will bite you-" thinking maybe she didn't understand me, and she said, "that's OKAY, mommy!"

she carried a caterpillar around all day yesterday. held it tightly in her little fist and kissed it and petted it. she even took him swimming in our little plastic swimming pool.
after awhile she plopped her little wet self down next to me where i was sitting in the sun, and she opened up her hand to once again admire her new friend. he was soggy and wet and definitely no longer living. she sighed and looked up at me and said, "mom, calapillars just don't last..."

2 days ago it was a HUGE wolf spider she found in the sandbox. and being the loving mother that i am, i shivered a few times and then scooped it up into a bucket and dumped it into her bug catcher. she named it charlotte and carried that bug catcher everywhere she went. with her mother reminder her every 2 minutes to please not touch the screen part and please don't carry it into the house.....

and then shaeya.
she has always been best friends with tyden- they do everything together (they held hands all through music at school today- it was so sweet.) so she tends to gravitate towards boys when she plays. and her stuffed animals are always boys and her horses are boys.

she pretty much calls all the shots with the "guys" and she loves that.
and they give her space- girls tend to be a little too intense for can i describe this better.....she wants to play, yet be left alone- she wants to lead, but not be followed.
she is not like me at all.
and i can't help sometimes that i wish she was a barbie and baby doll kind of girl like i was.
anyway, i'm not alarmed by her love for boys at this point- i think i understand it when i put myself in her shoes.
but i still had to laugh yesterday when we were driving to the park and she blurted out, "only 3 more weeks until my birthday, and i want to invite 100 boys to my party!!"
hopefully she grows out of this phase sometime in the next 5 years or so.....

so i took a quick break in my typing about 5 minutes ago to put the finishing touches on my chicken soup, and tekoa came running in the kitchen holding the dead caterpillar from yesterday.
"MOMMY, HE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!"
by some strange miracle the dead caterpillar has revived himself and tekoa is now petting him and saying, "oh, i missed you so much!"

like i said, little girls are just funny.


  1. What can one say to a post like that? We don't want to say your girls are weird, (after all what GIRL likes BUGS!) they are Just so cute and interesting. Think I understand Shaeya, but does she even know 100 boys? That girl needs a PONY!
    LOVE reading your blog.

  2. Karin doesn't like bugs but she is probably weird in a good way. She helps me!