Tuesday, May 11, 2010


my husband and i are detoxing this week.
i think it's the reason the last few pounds of baby weight don't want to come off.
not that i've even been trying to get them off.....maybe this will be a jump start.
it hasn't been a cakewalk- mmm cake- but i'm doing it. and i think i feel pretty good. well, if i can feel anything past the cravings and the hunger than i think i feel good.
and yes, holli, you may have inspired this- and i roped dave in along with me. it's no fun suffering alone, right?

in other news- wren has one stubborn tooth that wants to come through but won't. she is miserable. it's been 6 days of misery and it's wearing me out. i miss my happy, cuddly, sweet baby. and it's hard to type with her tossing and turning and moaning on my lap.
it's just a good thing i've mastered one-handed typing- i'm almost as fast with one as i am with two.

lastly- we had a showing last night and these people are really interested in our house. i'm kind of freaking out- dave will attest to this. i was actually physically ill last night when they kept calling with more questions.
this may be it. i may be living in an apartment next month.
all alone.
i mean all alone with my kids- for a year.
i'm just really scared about it all. the economy, apartment life, missing dave while he's off building the new house.
i just keep praying that God will lead us so that we can follow with confidence.
we will know more on friday.

so people possibly wanting to buy my house + a teething baby + no sugar = a friend you don't really want to be around.


  1. You are still fun to be around even if you don't get your sugar.

  2. not that i'm not supportive of all this but...WHY ARE YOU DOING ALL THIS AGAIN???
    (maybe it's the lack of sugar to your brain?)

  3. what type of detox did you guys do?