Sunday, May 23, 2010

another sunday afternoon, and still working on those house plans.
i'm feeling a bit more peaceful about everything and a few of those major issues have been resolved. (God is good!)

i'm really excited about a few of the ideas we have for the new house. it helps me to focus more on the idea of building and less on leaving the house i'm in.
but reality is going to set in this week as i begin the long, sad process of boxing up all of our stuff. there's a lot of it that i probably won't see for a year.

as it is right now, we are planning on moving in with my parents. which is a much better living situation than cramming into an apartment. they live in a big house on a lake, and they are at the norris lake for most of the summer.
the kids will have a blast.....we haven't told them yet, and when we do they will think that all their dreams have come true.
the only real worry for me is tekoa and 24 hour acess to the lake. may God's angels help me. that girl would dive right in without a 2nd thought. my best bet would be to just leash her to the house, but since dcfs probably doesn't allow that i will just have to keep floaties on her everyday and work on teaching her to swim.

so.....that's that. 2 more days of school, 6 days til wren turns 1 (yes, i'm having a hard time with that, but don't have a lot of time to dwell on it), and 9 days til shaeya's 6th. and much to her bitter disappointment there will not be 100 boys at the party.

i'm aware that i am failing horribly at posting pictures, and telling my humorous and disgusting stories about our day to day living, but just bear with me for a bit.....

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