Sunday, May 16, 2010

dave and i are sitting at the kitchen table right now after a long day at church. don't get me wrong, we love our church, but it's always a long day with all the kids.

but now that we're home and we have 2 kids asleep and 2 entertaining themselves (for now anyway,) we are working on house plans. by "we" i mean dave. i'm supposed to be helping him, but i guess i just don't have that long of an attention span. so i'm "just checking my e-mail really quick." i think i have about 15 minutes before he notices that i'm blogging, and that i've eaten the entire bowl of popcorn that i made for us to share.

we've sure had our ups and downs in the last few days. we had some complications with an inspection, and the apartment that we were thinking about renting won't be available now until july. these 2 issues make me very anxious. i know worrying doesn't help, and there are no quick fixes, so i need to just relax and trust that God has a plan. i don't think we'll end up on the streets or anything....

and tomorrow i'm going to forget about it all and enjoy the day with my kids. i'm going with them on their "end of the year" field trip. we're taking a bus to st. louis to hit the zoo and the science center. we'll be leaving at 6:45am from the school and won't be back til around 9pm. it will be a long but really fun day. and my mom is taking tekoa for the day so i will be pretty free to enjoy hanging out with tyden and shaeya and their friends.
you know, i have to do these things while it's still cool for mom to come along. it's a short window of time....

well, dave hasn't needed me yet, but i better just "check" on what he's been drawing up.


  1. I would love to see his plans. Its fun to see what ideas Dave has. He is good at this.

  2. yep, all too soon they say "you don't need to sit w/me on the bus mom"

    so sad...