Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's Getting Old.....

the kids did a great job on wednesday. everything went really well- it was such a beautiful day- and i was really proud of them all.
i had no reason to be nervous, but i've learned that you just never know what could happen. you could forget words, or chords, or trip over a cord, or say something really stupid into the microphone- all of which i've done at one time or another.
but wednesday went smoothly :)

we had a showing today. i was at the park with my cousin when dave called and asked if i could show the house at 2pm. it was almost 1.
i thought i had plenty of time since the house was fairly clean, so i stayed at the park a bit longer and then brought my cousins daughter home with us to spend the night.

well, of course they came early. and caught me in the middle of my last minute cleaning. and the front of my shirt was soaking wet (don't ask.)
i quickly pulled the broom out of ty's hands, shooed all the kids outside onto the deck, picked up the baby, and then let them in.

they were an older couple looking to downsize, and they seemed really interested in the house.
and in us.

a few examples-
-they asked if we were catholic. "we just thought that maybe since you had so many kids that you were catholic."
-i showed them the exercise room and the guy asked if me if i use it. what was that all about???
was he implying that i should be using it?
-i mentioned that we love the layout upstairs because it's great for entertaining, and they asked, "oh really, so do you do a lot of entertaining? like who do you have over? young people your age?"

no, old people. would you like to dine with us tonight? we could talk more about me and my husband's "indoor activities" and look at more of our family photos. maybe finish the evening out with a good workout in our weight room- i'll be sure to take part.

i don't know, maybe all the house selling business is just starting to get to me. maybe i get annoyed that they are even here and going through my home and looking in my closets and opening my cabinets.

it'll all be worth it in the end.....i just have to keep telling myself that.

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  1. this is a funny post! I loved it, especially the do you work out comment! Have a great day!