Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

so- i'm tacking "shopping for a father's day gift" to my ever growing list of "things i can do while nursing a baby". don't worry- she was in the sling. hey, ya do what ya gotta do.

we had a great father's day yesterday- we told dave it was his day, and we would do whatever he wanted. so, we ended up at the "big lake".
since we hadn't been there since the day before....:)

we swam with the kids, took them jet-skiing and tubing, went down the big water slide, jumped off the new "high dive" dock, went off the rope swing, fed our ducks, and did some fishing.

wish i had more pictures, but i was too busy having fun with the kids to take them.


tubing with tyden- he loved going with his MOM

taking tekoa down the big water slide- her eyes were huge

shaeya's first jump off the high dive- she climbed up with us just to watch, and after i jumped off, she just went. she didn't say anything, just jumped. it was so funny- i love that kid.

feeding minnows to some huge bass- they come right up by you and make big splashes- the kids love it

lightening, lilly, and tinkerbell- remember them? they're huge! and they're enjoying life at the big lake

my girly girls.....

ty's quite the fisherman- he catches some seriously big fish all by himself with his little lightening mcqueen fishing pole

she was pretty proud of herself!

and that ends our weekend at the lake. we headed home with a short van full of really tired kids
and a really tired but happy mom. and dave said he had a wonderful father's day :)

my sweet, sweet baby- i fall more in love with her everyday.........and yes, all the hair is falling off the top of her head- my little baldy.

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