Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Sessions on Wiswall

yep, i think she's adjusting quite well, don't you???

we had our first summer session at the mission on tuesday. i wasn't sure how it would go bringing all my kids, but i think it went pretty well.

we aren't actually having it at the mission this year. we've moved to a small park in the middle of a bunch of housing projects off of Wiswal. (it's really close to the mission)
we have music, a bible story, games, and a snack.

lisa spread the word down there about our tuesday sessions, and we had about 10 kids at first.
then a baptist church that was trying to advertise for their vacation bible school joined up with us- and they had a clown and balloons, so we ended up with a big crowd.

i played guitar and sang songs with the kids after they got their balloons. i have poster boards with all the words, and the kids took turns with my "chicken shake" (a little egg shaped instrument). they all seemed to have a really good time. and they were singing their little hearts out even though they didn't know the songs yet :)

the highlights-

-tekoa popping a water balloon on baby wren- she was lying beside me on the blanket while we sang

-tekoa picking up all kinds of treasures from the ground (old lip gloss, a half eaten doughnut, a used cup...) and putting them in her mouth

-tekoa telling me she had to go potty in the middle of the singing- a lady from around there heard her and offered her bathroom. i would really have preferred to just let her go outside somewhere but i couldn't tactfully turn the lady down.
turned out her brother was in the bathroom, and had "just sat down" from what i heard him yell, so she offered a potty chair that hadn't been washed out for quite some time......

-the dumpsters full of rotten garbage baking in the heat right beside the park

*if you think of it, say a prayer for us that the children could hear the truth, and learn that they are loved and have value. that we could have the right words, the right songs, and the right perspectives.....

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