Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 10th?

i've been wanting to post.....i just feel like i'm kind of in a fog. my days pass by so quickly- actually i never really know what day it is. they all kind of blend together. tyden asked me today if it was summer yet, and i said summer starts on june 21, and i think it's like the 10th or something.

tyden and shaeya are in the middle of their second week of vbs- the first week was at our church, and this week it's at their pre-school. and it's in the morning. it's pretty tough to have everybody up and ready and out the door by 8:45, but it's been a lot of fun for them- and a little break for me.

i can now add typing to my list of things i can do while nursing a baby.....thought she would sleep for a bit so i could do this but i guess not.

but things are settling down and the kids are adjusting- tekoa hasn't peed her pants in a few days so that's encouraging. she's just still having a hard time listening. and she scales my kitchen cabinets all day long. i walk out into the kitchen to find her standing on the countertops and getting into the upper cabinets. and she tries to run outside when i'm not looking. oh, and she has a fascination with my make-up, and the baby's daipers and wipes, and the balmex. and my purse. and the band-aids. and all our hand soap and lotion.
there's just not anywhere i can put all these things where she can't get to them.

but other than that she's doing okay.

and that about sums up my life right now.
well- there is the whole van thing also.
our "short" van is feeling pretty cramped.
we've been looking for a full size mini-van. it's not going so well. there just aren't as many used vans out there right now, and we can't find what we're wanting. and we do know what we want- been driving a minivan since i was 22 :)
everyone keeps telling us, "if you only woulda came last month......"
we just didn't know how small our van would feel last month. or that there would be a van shortage.
we test drove one last week- it was fun moving 4 car seats around. and tekoa decided to pee in the old van right before we left it with them to look at- and then later peed in the new van (luckily in her carseat this time)

hopefully we get this overwith soon........

looking forward to another night of bonding with baby wren- i don't really mind the nighttime feedings, it's the only time i get to be alone with her :)

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