Thursday, April 23, 2009

8 Pounds

all right, now that i've wasted way too much of my time looking for a new countdown, i'm giving up. for now i'm settling for this pregnancy one that i really don't like. for some reason i can't find any others that work.

i really should be outside walking or something while i only have 1 child with me, but i'm just really unmotivated.
for some CRAZY reason i gained about 8 pounds in the last week. could it be all the easter candy i've been eating? or the fact that i haven't been getting any kind of excersize- or sleep? or that suddenly i crave chocolate all day long when i've never even liked it before? or is it just those crazy pregnancy hormones? all i know is that i now weigh more than i did when i delivered tekoa, and NONE of my maternity clothes fit me anymore.

i was telling dave last night that i think i look okay WITHOUT clothes on, but as soon as i try to put something on, i just look HUGE.....pilsbury dough boy comes to mind. of course, he sees a simple solution to this problem. ha ha.

why is it that gaining weight UNmotivates you? why can't we see ourselves putting it on, and just really be inspired to do something about it? how am i ever gonna make it til the end of may?

all right, enough complaining already. i have a baby coming. in 4 1/2 weeks. i absoluteley cannot wait to see her and hold her and watch her grow into the woman God is creating her to be. a beautiful worshipper of her Father. a daughter to reflect HIS love and beauty, and to bring Him glory just by her existence.
and on loan to me to nurture, cherish, discipline, and guide until He's ready for her- or she's ready for Him.
and now i'm crying.....and i DO blame this on the pregnancy hormones.
and what was it that i was complaining about again??

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