Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Best Night Ever

last thursday we took the kids out for what they called "the best night ever."

i had briefly mentioned a cat giving birth in an earlier post- it was my aunt rachel's. and my sister's dog had 11 puppies a few days later. needless to say, the kids would not stop begging to go see the kittens and puppies. AND shaeya had been given a gift card to DQ from sunday school, and was DYING to go there and use it.

so, we decided to just do it all in one night. the kids were in heaven.

note- the tooth sticking straight out in this picture is no longer there
i think he's forgiven me....

(rachel's kids also have a turtle)

i think my kids are a little pet deprived.
but not because we haven't tried......
we had a little turtle i caught for about a year when tyden was little. his name was bud. sadly, he swam himself to death one night after i filled his cage too full of water. tyden walked around for days saying "bud died...mommy killed him."

we've had fish a few times- no one ever told me you can't use tap water for fish. if it kills fish, should we really be DRINKING it?

then there was roxy the rabbit- really cute- we kept her in the house while she was little, then moved her outside when she got bigger. one morning the kids went to get her and her cage door was open and she was gone. we have woods in our backyard with all kinds of wildlife. we've seen foxes and coyotes....poor roxy- the kids still look for her.

and then our current pet "miss bianca" or "ratty" whichever you prefer. an obese rat that we've had for about year and a half. that's a long time for a pet to survive our house. the kids loved her at first- then she started to bite. the pet store promised me that rats don't bite. i believed them. so, when she started biting i called the pet store- but they stuck by their story that rats just don't bite....hmm. anyway, they still played with her in her little run around ball, and held her every now and then until one day (of course) she got loose in the house.
it happened to be the day i was having my dad's whole family over for christmas dinner. we couldn't find her, so i just warned our guests not to worry if they happened to see a rat running through the house, and to maybe check their shoes before they stuck their feet back in them. well, a few days passed with no sign of her. then, i was having a "girl's night" at our house and while we were sitting with our coffee and dessert there she came, running through the room. the girls handled it very well. i got up and chased her but couldn't catch her.

she wandered loose in our house for about a week before dave and a friend finally caught her. that was over a year ago, and her cage has been wired shut ever since. the kids feed her their leftovers through the wires of her cage, that's all the interaction they get.

so all this just to say that my kids are pet deprived. but i just don't think i do pets very well.

back to the best night ever......we held puppies and kittens and then headed to dairy queen. we were about halfway there (coming from hanna city) when tekoa told us she had to go potty. it was dark and raining outside, so told her just to try to hold it. she couldn't. but she didn't tell us that she peed until after we got there and i picked her up. .......well we couldn't let a little pee ruin the best night ever. (we were REALLY tired of hearing about DQ and the gift card, and we had already TOLD them we were going) so we went in anyway and we all had ice cream.

maybe not the best night EVER for me, but i did have a pretty good time :)

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  1. Michelle- I love your blog- I love your honesty & I truly do admire your parenting. Always have. Praying the end of pregnancy is blessed.