Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Spring Break

well, spring break is officially over. the kids are back at school, and i'm home now with tekoa and jake (the neighbor boy who asks about the baby).

we had our ups and downs, and right at first i was overwhelmed by tyden's constant need to be near me and to be entertained, but eventually he learned that mom functions better if she gets a little space- like when she's in the bathroom, or showering, or passed out on the couch during the girls' naptime. seriously, he would rather follow me around and sit at my feet and lay by me when i sleep than do anything by himself.
i heard "mom, what do you want to do with me?" about 500 times. but, i do try to remind myself to enjoy it now because it sure won't last forever. he is almost 8.

the thing we did the most together was read. thanks to ty's teacher who lovingly gave us 10 assigned hours of reading for the month of april. that's 20 min EVERY day. sure takes the fun out of reading for the both of us. it is now a chore we have to force ourselves to do.

of course, my plan for spring break was to spend lots of time outside with the kids, but the constant rain pretty much ruined all that. we still had fun together, though. i got out some christmas presents that i had stashed away, and we set up a tent to read and play in and (for them) to sleep in. they loved it. and they were actually really good. they helped me get some organizing done in the house and attic (yes, the nesting instinct is hitting me). and ty and shaeya both helped a little with keeping tekoa out of trouble.

the easter part of it all was fun and busy. on thursday i took the kids to an easter egg hunt at the nursing home on skyline. they had a blast. koa was very serious about finding eggs and dragging her very full easter basket around and doing it all by herself. shaeya filled her basket and then helped ty fill his cause she's "a good finder". ty wanted to know where all the old people live, like china or something? (don't ask me where that one came from....)

so for the weekend- my family was all in gulf shores, and all of dave's family came home, so we spent the weekend with the kellenbergers.

friday night i went out with maria and some friends for her birthday. dinner and a movie. it was wonderful.

saturday -the only nice day- we had josiah's 2nd birthday party at the kbergers during the day with lots of friends and family. i found a warm, sunny corner on the deck and pretty much hung out there all day (heaven). then we had dinner together as a family, and afterwards maria and i went out again with a different set of friends. so fun, but i have to admit i was wearing down.

sunday we went to washington ac church and then to kbergers again for easter. i was all excited to just sit in the sun again, but it was cold and cloudy. so we hung out inside and then had dinner together.

(when you ask koa what this shirt says she says,
"my dad has rocks")

monday was the kids' last day off, and i took them to see my mom who had just gotten back from her trip- you'd think they hadn't seen her for years.

that pretty much sums it up. so today i'm home, and once again it's raining. and cold. tekoa was up all night with a fever, and it was really hard to get up to an alarm at the crack of dawn this morning.

i comfort myself with knowing that it IS supposed to warm up this week, it's tuesday even though it feels like monday, and i'm only gonna be this huge and tired for 6 more weeks (then i'll be smaller and tired- which is way better :)
AND we knocked down 7 HOURS of reading in the last 2 weeks.

***i don't know why my countdown to baby quit on me......it's not that i don't care how many days since st. patricks's day.......i need nate's help again.

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